Why Trust Our Hosting Reviews?

You can find a lot of web hosting review sites and directories on the Internet. But, none of them are the same as bestwebhostingservices.us.

In our Website, web hosting companies are reviewed from the inside. This means our reviews are written based on our own usage experience. Our reviewer team, lead by bestwebhostingservices.us founder Rumon, signup, examine, and review the hosting companies listed on bestwebhostingservices.us.

I don’t go to a web host, look at their designs and web features and tell you “Hey look, this web host offers this and that. It sounds like a good host so yeah, you should go with this web host”. That’s silly and not how we operate.

Instead, we spend tremendous volumes of time and money on new hosting signups and testing. You’ll get nothing but useful information, such as screen captures, uptime reports & chat records, in our review.

Review Factors: Things We Evaluate

Here are the things we do to evaluate a web host.

  1. Sign-up process Is signing up smooth and easy? We signup and setup a test site for each host we review.
  2. Server speed and uptime All test sites are monitored internally (we build our own uptime monitoring system) AND third party (using tools like Uptime Robot and Bitcatcha) for the host performances.
  3. Control panel features Is the user control panel comprehensive and easy to use? This is especially important if the host is using an in-house control panel.
  4. Customer care policy Is the pricing and refund policy fair? We read up companies’ ToS to learn their refund and account renewal policy.
  5. Company reputation What others are saying about the company? We spend hours, sometimes days, to read up users’ feedback and reviews on forums.
  6. After sales support Is the support staff friendly and knowledgeable? We chat and email hosting companies to test their after sales support.

Affiliate Links & Promo Codes

As stated clearly in our website disclaimer page and every page of our hosting reviews, bestwebhostingservices.us receives compensation from some of the service providers (both hosting and non-hosting) featured in this site. We get paid, in form of cash or other form of rewards (ie. a link, free hosting credits, Amazon gift cards, or a thank you email), if you click on our affiliate links and make a purchase.

Will making a purchase via your affiliate links cost more?
Short answer: No.

In fact, some of our affiliate links will save you money.

Here’s how things work – In order to win more new customers, brands and companies offer special discounts (in form of special promo link or coupon code) to popular websites and top affiliates. Due to bestwebhostingservices.us’s unique market position, we often get exclusive deals and special discounts from web hosting and domain companies. This, in turn, benefits our readers and followers (that’s you!).

Is my information safe with you guys?
Absolutely yes! We do not see any of your personal information (name, address, credit card details, etc) when you purchase via our affiliate links.

For those who subscribed to our newsletter – your email and name are the only two attributes I keep in my Mail Chimp database. You can unsubscribe any time and get your details deleted (no question ask!) anytime in the future; and I will never ever pass on your contact to others.